Meet the Touch-Screen, WiFi-enabled temperature, EC, & pH tracker for hydroponic gardens that can be monitored from the Track Your Tree app iOS and Android mobile phones.


The HydroTraq allows an indoor hydroponic gardener to view their grow operation data and statistics including; grow room temperature, light intensity, and reservoir pH, EC, and temperature levels from the convenience of the "Track Your Tree" mobile app.

Once, a grower can set ideal pH level thresholds for a hydroponic reservoir. When the water culture levels are out of a pre-established range HydroTraq will automatically send an SMS notification to the user's mobile device alerting them of the issue. 

With the Track Your Tree mobile application you can:

  • Observe your garden statistics On-the-go
  • Preview your hydroponics reservoir's pH & EC values
  • Inspect the Light intensity that your plant's canopy receives
  • Examine the environments Temperature and Humidity 

Whether your're a commercial  gardener, or a medicinal caregiver IoT-Gardens HydroTraq can help you prevent crop loss and increase yield.


  • 4.3” TFT Intelligent Touch Display
  • pH Probe
  • Electrical Conductivity Sensor
  • Water Temperate Sensor
  • Light sensor