Automate Your Garden

View your Garden or Grow Operation Statistics Remotely

Track Your Tree

Real-Time Hydroponics Analytics

Autonomous Cultivation + Real-Time Analytics

IoT-Gardens manufacturers autonomous cultivation devices with real-time, IoT-based data analytics and tracking systems that are capable of automation. Using the IoT Gardens' HydroTraq, an indoor hydroponic gardener can view their grow operation data and statistics including; grow room temperature, light intensity, electrical conductivity, and reservoir pH levels from the convenience of the "Track Your Tree" mobile app. 

HydroTraq by IoT Gardens, Inc.

Meet the Touch-Screen, WiFi-enabled nutrient & pH dosers/controllers for hydroponic gardens that can be controlled from the Track Your Tree app, available on iOS and Android platforms. The Autonomous Cultivation Controller allows an indoor hydroponic gardener to view their grow operation data and statistics including; grow room temperature, light intensity, and reservoir pH levels from the convenience of the "Track Your Tree" mobile app.

Connect your Garden to the Internet of Things

View your Grow-Operation data from anywhere, safely retain garden statistics and watch it update your Track Your Tree dashboard dynamically on your mobile device. Setup your Track Your Tree dashboard to trigger warnings and alerts in real-time. Get a SMS message, a tweet, and even configure a actuators to fire emails depending on your garden's environment conditions. Whether you're a commercial  gardener, or a medicinal caregiver the Autonomous Cultivation Controller  paired with the Track Your Tree app can help you prevent crop loss and increase yield.

IoT Gardens' HydroTraq

Integrate IoT Sensors that can monitor humidity, moisture, pH, EC levels, and send you an immediate alert to help you prevent a leak from becoming a flood. It can also monitor temperature. Securely send data to your account and watch it update in real-time on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.